Facilitating Change is about just that, facilitating change and public engagement to achieve planning permission and community agreement for a variety of projects. We are a highly respected facilitation company that works with clients in both the public and private sectors.

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  • Chris Whitehead
    Chris Whitehead Managing Director

    Chris is the Managing Director of Facilitating Change (UK) Ltd. He is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and has many years’ experience facilitating internationally in many different sectors. He has successfully project managed several Public and Stakeholder Engagement programmes.

  • Victoria McCusker
    Victoria McCusker Principal Consultant

    Tori is a Chartered Town Planner (MRTPI) with an MSc in Marketing. She is a skilled and intuitive communicator. Primarily facilitating in the development and regeneration industries. Tori has extensive experience in project management, organisational research, and marketing consultancy.

  • Kathleen Clark
    Kathleen Clark Communications Specialist

    Katie is a communications strategist with experience in the financial and renewables sector. She is an experienced facilitator, coach and mentor and regular conference MC. With a background in television production, she also helps prepare clients for being on camera.

  • Iain Gatward
    Iain Gatward

    Iain has over 10 years experience in consultancy with specialisms in aquaculture and renewables.  He has particular interest in social impacts / benefits of industry and regularly works in a community and engagement facilitation role.  He has experience both project managing and as technical advisor on a wide range of international projects, largely in Southern Africa and the UK.  Iain is currently a Director of Imani Enterprise Ltd and works as a consultant / facilitator with Facilitating Change.

  • Jen Kidd
    Jen Kidd

    Jennifer Kidd has worked with public and private sector organisations in the UK and Europe. Qualified in business, marketing and languages she has broad experience of leading small teams, project management and managing successful relationships with customers and suppliers in a variety of industries including publishing, tourism and technology.

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker

    Andrew is an Economic Development consultant working in the UK and Africa, part-time facilitator and international consultancy firm director. He supports industry in sustainable international value chain development, and in understanding the whole socio-economic impact of industry/sector activity. Andrew has worked for clients such as the Scottish Government, Department for International Development, United Nations Development Programme, The Commonwealth Secretariat, International Labour Organisation and World Food Programme.

  • Angus Crockett
    Angus Crockett

    Angus is an HR Professional and Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development giving advice and guidance on a full range of HR topics. An experienced Learning and Development Consultant with 10 years experience in the design and delivery of individual and organisation learning and development activities. He is an experienced facilitator.

  • Paul Gibson
    Paul Gibson

    Paul has vast experience in the field of business facilitation and change management. First with the Global Management Consultancy firm, Accenture, then Paul moved to a small-start up consultancy, where he was responsible for facilitating leadership meetings for Blue Chip companies such as BP and Shell. Paul then co-directed a change management consultancy business facilitating meetings for executives within the oil and gas, financial services and health sectors.

  • Richard Lloyd
    Richard Lloyd

    Richard has operated globally, selling, developing and executing training courses and workshops in change and performance improvement and facilitating many meetings, mostly where the outcome was critical to the business bottom line and where design of an appropriate process was critical.

  • Carlos Alba
    Carlos Alba

    Carlos has had a 20-year career in national newspaper journalism. He spent 10 years at The Sunday Times, including four as Scotland Editor, and he has been Scottish Political Editor at The Daily Record, Education Correspondent at The Herald and Chief Reporter at The Evening News, Edinburgh.

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